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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


May we purchase directly from Canadel?

Unfortunately not, Canadel may only sell to authorized dealers. Please visit our dealer locator section to find the nearest dealer

What type of finish do you use?

Canadel uses a catalyzed lacquer.

Is it possible to purchase parts? (fabric, touch-up, stain, upholstered seatings…)

It is possible, through an authorized dealer.

Is it possible to customize furniture?

Canadel allows you to personalize as well as customize our furniture, we offer many options per product. If you cannot find what your looking for, you may try our Signature program to modify our existing products.


How do we care for our furniture?

With a soft soap, such as a dish soap and damp cloth. It is not recommended to use cleaning products, waxes or grease removers, as these will harm the finish of your furniture.

How do we care for our cushions and upholstery?

Each fabric has different components, you may obtain the cleaning code through your authorised dealer where you made your purchase.

Customer service

What is the Canadel warranty on products?

One year from receipt of merchandise at the retailer.

Is is possible to obtain wood and fabric samples?

You may get samples through your dealer. Canadel cannot deal nor service a consumer directly as we only deal with authorised stores.

May I get a status on my order?

Only Canadel dealers may obtain information on an order, Canadel does not deal directly with consumers.

May I get pricing on furniture or where may I find pricing on your website?

Canadel does not sell directly to consumers, for this reason, we do not provide pricing by email, over the phone or on our website. To get pricing, you must contact a Canadel dealer.